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An interactive way of learning to speak English

for non-native speakers.

Developing a Custom Language Training for a Global Workforce!

About Us

We offer a crafted custom curriculum and one-on-one virtual classes. Our teachers are ESL certified, hold advance degrees, and are experienced educators.

We specialize in the basics (correcting grammar, vocabulary building, correct sentence structure) as well as intermediate and advance course plans.

We begin by identifying your starting proficiency level and what are your specific goals. Whether it’s learning basic grammar or developing business negotiations, we can prepare courses that are right for you!

Needs Analysis Assessment

Let us provide a free Needs Analysis Assessment to help us understand and prepare productive and effective courses for you that will prevent wasting both your time and money!

  • Courses are in virtual classroom with one-on-one instructions.
  • Interactive and interesting topics.
  • Lessons developed based on student progress.
  • Measurable results (to assure you are on track with reaching your goals).

Special rate for limited time only!

10 one-hour lessons for $200

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